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Arachnida  (Arachnids)

Velvet Mites and chiggers   

Molting Giant Crab Spider

Green lynx spider life cycle

Scorpion Sting: Hoffmannius confusus


 FB theme All about Mantids

Beetles (Coleoptera)

Tamarisk Weevils,
Dune Darkling Beetles,
Wilcox Playa Tiger Beetles,
Dung-rolling Scarabs,
Diplotaxis pumila,
Scarabs lekking,
Dichelonyx in Sedona,
False Blister Beetles in Carr Canyon,
Lady Bug Love,
Spring time Blister Beetles,
Carpet Beetles,
Edrotes video,
Ant-loving Scarabs,
Florida Canyon Buprestids,
Arizona Euphoria species,
Burrowing Beetle,
Color Changing Leaf Beetles,
Mesquite Twig Girdler,
Metamorphosis of a Pleasing Fungus Beetle,
Bee mimicry Ripiphorus vierecki,
Popoulation explosion of Eupompha elegans,
Datura and Cyclocephala melanocephala,
Cerambycids on Desert Broom in Madera Canyon
Day-active Firefly
Edrotes, Tenebrionidae, video
The rare and special Carpet Beetle Anthrenus sophonisba
Weevils, Cerambycids and more on Mt Lemmon in June
Giant Lady Bugs and more on Mt graham
Blister beetles on Brittle Bush 2014
Breeding Strategus cessus for science
Buprestids in Bird of Paradise plants
Dynastes granti on ash trees
Cerambycidae like Monochamus clamator and others
Mating Melyridae 
 The magnificent Texas Canyon Longhorn
Arizona Beetle Poster 

Flies and Mosquitoes (Diptera) Links
Wingless Crane Fly, Dactylolabis (Eudactylolabis) vestigipennis, Limoniidae 
Mosquito Hawk Toxorhynchites sp., Culicidae (Mosquitoes)
Robber Flies, Stenopogon inquinatus, Laphria engelhardti, Eccritosia zamon, Wyelia midas, Archilestris magnificus,  Asilidae
Hanging Thiefs, Diogmites sp,  Asilidae 
Promachella pilosa a small robber fly
Bot Flies of the Catalina Mts
Huge Robber Flies on Mt Lemmon
Syrphids and beeflies 
Ovovivipary in diptera: Sarcophagidae 
SW US arthropods (on Facebook) weekly topic: Fascinating Flies

Bees, Wasps and Ants (Hymenoptera)

Conura side on Campus,
Hockeria rubra and host,
Mt. Hopkin's Rd Photo Collection,
Leaf-cutter bee swarm,
Pollinating Centris bees,
Willcox Playa Ammophila,
5th graders wasp mimicry,
Sleeping bees and wasps,
Bees on Brittle Bush in my backyard 2012,
Desert Bees on Penstemon 2013
Chlorion hunting roaches
Mud Dauber nest
Mining Bees and cleptoparasite
Andrena on brittle bush
Southern Fire Ants 
Southern Fire Ants as seed collectors
Killer Bees, invasive foreigners, or endangered pollinators

True Bugs (Heteroptera)
 Bugs on cactus
Aravaipa Canyon Bugs
Life Cycle of the Giant Mesquite Bug
Large Milkweed Bug as Pollinator?
Plates of Arizona Assassin Bugs
The long delayed naming of Apiomerus cazieri 
Host-restricted Leptoglossus brevirostris

Grasshoppers, Katydids and Crickets (Orthoptera)

Pima Canyon Grasshoppers,

Mnt Hopkin's Rd Photo Collection,

,Creosote Bush Grasshoppers and Katydids,
Rediscovery of the Atascosa Gem Grasshopper,
Arizona Lubbers,
December Grasshoppers ,
SW US arthropods (on Facebook) weekly topic: Grasshoppers and relations
Tucson Mountain Grasshoppers

Butterflies and Moths (Lepidoptera)
The imported Sesame Leaf Roller Moth
Cut worms and other noctuids at my house
Moths on Mt Graham in June
Antigastra catalaunalis
Lineodes integra
Monarchs and Queens
Pipevine Swallowtail


Curve-billed Thrasher,
On campus Cooper's Hawk,
Orioles and rain, Orioles,
Gila Woodpecker,
Cowbird chicks,
Elegant Trogon, Arizona Woodpecker, Hepatic Tananger,
Wintering Ducks,
Whitewater Draw Sandhill Cranes,
Western Screech Owls,
Aqua caliente Green Heron,
Birds as pollinators of Saguaro Cacti,
Night Hawks,
State land Red-tailed Hawk nest,
Great Bittern at Whitewater Draw,
Sweetwater Wetlands 2011/12,
Eurasian Collared Doves in our backyard
Winter visitors in the Santa Cruz Flats,
Peach-faced Lovebirds at the Gilbert Water Ranch
Costa's Hummingbirds in winter
Wintering birds at a pond and in flood plains in Marana
Wintering birds in Bonita, CA
Great Backyard Bird Count in Picture Rocks, Arizona
Territorial Raptors 2013
Gambel's Quail and rattle snake
Northern Phainopepla 
Lesser Night Hawk aerial ballet  

Packrats in our backyard
Jack Rabbit Species in Arizona
Mountain Lion tracks
Pronghorns along Arizona Highway 83
Javelinas in our Backyard

Backyard rattler and gopher snake
Photographing Rattlers
Rattlers and other reptiles
first rattler of 2014
Difference between Diamondback and Mojave
Horned  lizard
Banded Gecko
Rattlers 2014 
Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake
Gopher snake in our pantry

Oak species of Mt. Lemmon

Cactus flowers in my backyard 2013
Cryptobiotic Crust  protects the desert soil
Desert Mistletoe 
Queen of the night cactus 2014
Desert Broom in Madera Canyon - it's visitors

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