Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Paintings of Desert Animals in their habitat: Jack Rabbit

In an effort to brighten up social Media with art postings, I will regularly post some of my watercolor paintings here and on my Facebook page.  Hopefully they'll all have some appeal to the naturalists among us as well 

We ( Jack Rabbit and I) live in the Sonoran Desert. It's not bare like the Sahara, but not usually covered in grass, either. Except after really good summer monsoon storms. A carpet of little Cheat Grass plants covers the creosote flats. But the life cycle is short and soon they are producing awfully sticky seeds.  By then the grass itself is bleached and golden until the wind blows away every trace of it. The painting was mainly about this: the short golden grass in the sun. But the Jack rabbit was there and made a great center of interest for viewers who are less intrigued by temporary Cheat Grass lawns.

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