Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Monsoon Morning

A potent Thunderstorm woke us up today. There was no way out to go for a run: the road was a wash and all the washes were too deep to cross. 0 8 inches in half an hour and Tucson Mountain run-off will do that. Our Costa's Hummingbird was hiding under the eves, chirping indignantly, the Kestrel pair took to the blustery sky and would not stop screaming. I hope that does not mean that a big saguaro, containing their nest cavity, fell victim to the sudden onslaught of water. Why they would care about that in August I do not know. Curve-billed Thrashers were singing from the top of cacti. I did not get to go exploring any further: I found the garage had flooded and we needed to push the water out before it got into boxes of art work and materials stored there. Around 6 am the washes have already shrunk down to a trickle. Some spots of blue in the sky. But the next wall of clouds is moving in.

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