Sunday, December 16, 2012

The first rain since early October

Finally the seemingly permanent high-pressure system over Arizona weakened and a storm from the Pacific swept in.  Over two days we received not quite an inch of rain. What a relief!

 With falling temps, Hummingbirds, Verdins and Gila Woodpeckers constantly replenished their energy reserves at the feeders.

It didn't get very cold down here, but in the morning the Catalina Mountains sported a nice snow cover and of course Catalina Highway has been closed for the last three days.

Our backyard smells fresh and acrid, the cacti are dust-free and pretty and the sky still holds a very small promise of more rain...

Droplets sparkle on all Creosote Bushes, the best winter decoration I can think of in the desert.

Some droplets even have upside-down dogs in them (Frodo)!

 Other dogs (Cody) prefer to stay right-side up in the sunshine, which has returned and is quite warm. The caged pepper plant behind his head is blooming and fruiting.

In the Creosote Bushes, scores of Lesser Goldfinches are preening and snacking on those silvery, fluffy fruits. The funny thing is that Randy and I were already secretly tired of grey clouds, fog and heavy jackets and we are now happily basking in the sun, just like the birds.


  1. Rain in the desert is magic. Love your pictures! The birds look relieved.

  2. Hello! Stumbled across your blog, hope you read this.

    What breed/breeds is the dog, Cody?

    He's the spitting image of my dog, who we've never been able to identify.

  3. A Navajo Sheepdog! No seriously, he's a from the Reservation, Canyon d'Chelly, joined us as a pup in the camground, and we have no clue what they are breeding there. But he's the very best!

    1. Interesting. I'm English, and my dog, Max is English. They do look very similar: