Friday, September 17, 2021

Artfull Encounter

Tonight I went to a vernissage at the ASDM. A very nice exhibit of ‘Animal Impressions’. But eventually, I drifted away from the buildings to the trails. So lovely to have the park all to myself at sunset. So many butterflies still dancing in the fading light. But then I felt watched. No longer alone. A long-legged, long-tailed creature on the trail, quietly observing me. Joined then by two smaller shapes, much more impatient, curious. The small ones about the size of a cat. Hopping towards me, retreating, sitting secretively behind a cactus, sneaking forward again. All under the weary guard of the larger one. All of them – so graceful, so elegant! Yeah, cute too. My painting does not do them justice I’m afraid

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