Thursday, March 22, 2018

Cactus flowers, bees and rattlesnakes - spring in Arizona

Spring has sprung. Some Hedgehog cacti are blooming and the related, but non-native ladyfinger cactus on our patio. Cactus bees immediately spotted it, and pose. Little green sweat bees like it too, but are difficult to catch on camera. 

Our big rattler made a first appearance, I guess he was sleeping under the barbecue when Mecki charged into him - some rattling, lots of barking until I banned the dogs into the house. The dogs may need a refresher of their snake avoidance training, they were too close for my comfort, but at least their obedience rapport is firm.

Rattler proceeded to explore the entire patio. Seemed to be tracing something (a partner?) judging from his careful tongue-testing of the path. 


  1. Hi Margarethe!
    Unfortunately the videos don't appear in my (Firefox) browser :(
    Greetings from Dortmund (where spring is still struggling)

    1. Hi Michael, Danke!
      Ich hatte Probleme mit unserem Router. Im Augenblick bin ich so sehr mit meiner letzten art show der Saison beschaeftigt dass ich mich nicht darum kuemmern kann, aber 'delete funktioniert auch nicht. Naechste Woche versuche ich es noch mal.