Monday, June 19, 2017

Black Bugs with red out-lines in Tucson

left: Seed Bug Melacoryphus lateralis. right: Kissing Bug Triatoma rubida
This year, we have lots of Kissing Bugs In the Tucson area. But not everything that reminds you of a Kissing Bug picture you've seen on the internet is really a Triatoma rubida (right), a blood sucking Kone-nose. (note: there is more than one species if you go into the mountains or towards Texas)

At the moment, we also have a proliferation of little black Seed Bugs Melacoryphus lateralis (left). These can occur in very large numbers on Sabino Canyon trails and under porch lights in town, so just about anywhere. While Kissing Bugs (not much smaller than 1 inch) are also not dangerous - we had NO proven, KB transmitted cases of Chagas disease in AZ - the little Seed Bugs (about a quarter of an inch) are completely harmless - not even a garden pest.

Reed more about Kissing Bugs and their look-alikes in my older blog on the theme

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