Monday, March 14, 2016

A Western diamondback rattlesnake in the garage, again

Coming back from Cortaro with a trunk full of veggies and library books, we had to park by the side of the garage because my new car now resides inside, together with my art show van. We carried our haul through the side door. Then Randy went out again to return the cooler to his car, but instead he came to get me with the words 'come, he's back!' No idea who's back, but I'm always curious and we live a lonely life out here.

The rattler in the garage door hadn't just moved in. He obviously came out of the garage to bask in the sunshine in the open door. Of course he did not want to move all the way out, but retreated back in, between all those stored butterfly nets, beating sheets and collecting buckets and what else we store there. Too much stuff! After pushing him back and forth between us, mostly out of sight under the shelves, I finally managed to grab him behind his head with my snake stick and carefully pull him out.

He was released right there again, on the other side of our main entrance under a great Ironwood tree and in the company of a metal quail family that my friend Mary Lee made.

We noticed how docile he was - he never rattled through the whole ordeal and then patiently waited to have his picture taken. I wonder how long he lived in the garage ... we have a pack rat problem there.

We released him also very close to our first blooming hedgehog cactus. Maybe that will make him want to stay outside?

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  1. This is a great post of this rattlesnake. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.