Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The 'Spider Poster' is ready!

The Arizona Arachnid Poster is now ready to be printed. For posters I don't use my own Giclee Printer, because the inks are too expensive for mass production. Instead, I'm ordering from a company that specializes in posters. So I have to make sure to order enough at a time, at least 10, better yet 20 or 30. It's looking good, the orders are coming in.

This was the old post, showing how the poster came together, slowly:
I am working on a new poster: Spiders and other Arachnids of Arizona. It won't be ready for Halloween, but it is not meant to become a short lived spooky decoration anyway. Rather it's supposed to show the beauty of spiders and maybe raise some interest in this fascinating group. So here is a teaser - 15 of about 50 images are placed so far, but they can still be moved around some.

I will also again make a black and white template with the species names that I'll send out by e mail - to everyone who orders this poster. The size will be 18 by 24 inches to match the Arizona Beetle Poster. It will cost $35 plus shipping. You can order by e mail or message me on my Facebook page. I will add new images here as I progress.

I am also printing greeting cards. The will be available for the first time at the Fountain Festival in Fountain Hills this weekend.

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