Saturday, February 8, 2014


Unexpected and frankly uninvited breakfast visitors dropping in literally from the sky. Turns out the pilot is an old acquaintance but the landing in our backyard was not at all planned.

The monster gets packed up, but by now my coffee is cold and I'm late for my show in SaddleBrook - luckily we set up yesterday and all I'll have to do is open my tent - after getting there, it takes about an hour.

A pretty little show with pleasant neighbors and appreciative customers. The guy across from me  sells ocarinas and plants ear-worms into my head (does one say that in English? In German Ohrwuermer are songs that you can't get rid of anymore). Great discussion with a customer: So sad that rattlers now loose their rattles (she meant the behavior, not the body part). I: that's a myth. She: but it's in National Geographics! She leaves with her faith in our rattlers restored and her believe in everything printed shaken.

After closing the show for today, a photo stop at Catalina State Park to take the first reference photos for a painting of Push Ridge that a customer is interested in. There will be plain air sketches and visits under different light conditions before the final painting can be tackled.

By the time I cross the Tucson Mountains into Saguaro National Park on my way home, the sun is setting. Feierabend! (look it up. It's one of the most useful German words)

Not quite. At home the phone is ringing. A customer has decided (and gotten the OK from his wife) that he wants a big framed print of my team of Belgians. We discuss price, framing, the fact that there will be tax.... non-glare glass, a different mat....great, another sale! Now the printer is running, the double mat drying (they get glued together so the cuts stay lined up perfectly)....

I thought the pizza was cooking in the meantime, but it turns out that I had put all the ingredients on the pie, and turned on the oven, but never put the pizza in....Oh, well, that happens, but by now it starts to smell delicious.
Now I only have to cut the inner mat, mount the print, remember to sign it, frame it.... take it to the show tomorrow, and convince the customers that it really needs a companion piece ... well, at least I will take a matching frame with me.

Oh, and now eat the pizza and watch a movie, Randy just showed me our choices, I think we should go for ...I think I will sleep well through whatever we pick.  

A pretty normal Saturday.


  1. Yes! We get earworms in English as well!

  2. I haven't heard ear worms before but I love it. I've always just said I have a song on the brain....