Monday, July 22, 2013

New Bug Greeting Cards

My summer is packed with events and activities that all have to do with the insects that finally get plentiful when the monsoon arrives. If you go to the 'Events' page on the top menu you'll see how busy it's getting. At some of these festivals, like Southwest Wings in Sierra Vista at the beginning of August, I will not only present a power-point program and lead a black lighting field trip at night, but also have a booth for my art work.

The art work I sell consists mostly of my watercolor paintings and prints. So for the nature festivals I will bring my cactus flower, wildlife and landscape paintings. Since there is also a focus on insects, I am making greeting cards of some of my bug photos.

I now have 3 new boxes of 7 greeting cards each, one of longhorn Beetles, one of Scarab Beetles and one of Weevils. The back of each box shows the whole assortment and each card is of just one beetle and offers species name and collection location on the back.

I will also have boxes of cards of my beetle collages, each box containing collages of 7 different beetle families, and another favorite in the same style, the grasshoppers of Arizona

The price will be $20 per box, just like my other greeting cards that sell very well. But will these beetle cards go, too? They are so much fun to make... Maybe I'll take a few boxes to the BugGuide meeting. It starts this week, on Thursday - time is flying!

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  1. They will fly off the shelves, so to speak. They're beautiful. If only I lived closer!