Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Insects at Sabino Canyon

Bush Katydid, Scudderia sp., nymph,

Leaf Beetle, Griburius montezuma
Metallic Wood Boring Beetle, Acmaeodera griffithi
Broad-nose Weevil, Ophryastes sordidus
Mesquite Longhorn Beetle, Aethecerinus latecinctus
Ironcross Beetle Tegrodera aloga

 Blister Beetle, Nemognath sp.
Mating Treehoppers, Vanduzea laeta


  1. Margarethe, there is such beauty in these and it makes me wish I had taken a different career path. Stunning photography; the nymph in the first one is one of the most stunning animals I've ever seen. So glad you do this!

  2. Really awesome stuff. One of my BIL's lives in AZ, I'll be sharing this blog with him.
    Simply incredible shots and content. Glad I'm a Follower :)