Sunday, March 4, 2012

Catalina State Park in March 2012

On March1, in Catalina State Park, we took the Southerland Trail to find beautiful golden fields of California Poppies. Randy and our dogs rested under the dramatic backdrop of Push Ridge and posed for every bodies photographs while I got my annual blister beetle shots and also found some nice new insects.

Lytta auriculata on Scorpionweed

Lytta stygica on California Poppy
The Giant Yucca Skipper in an aria with many Sotols that are among its host plants

Cuerna arida, a little Sharpshooter related to cicadas

A pretty little moth that spends his whole life on the Desert Chicory plant: Heliolonche carolus

California Poppies, Eschscholzia californica, and Coulter's Lupine, Lupinus sparsiflorus

Creamcup Poppies, Platystemon, californicus

Desert Anemone, Anemone tuberosa, and Owl Clover, Castilleja, exserta, formerly, Orthocarpus, purpurascens   

We all had a great day


  1. Beautiful shots!!! I went looking for wildflowers near Kitt Peak and found a lot of Lupine. W. Peak Trail, Oro Valley and Hwy 77 have A LOT of wonderful displays. Globe Mallow mixed with C. Poppies and P.Penst and Lupine!!! Now if I only had my camera during my day job:) Hope you are well. Looks like you all had a nice hike today. Great shot of Skipper!

  2. Ich grüße und winke mal quer durch den Erdball
    merci für die schönen Fotos !!

    Herzlichst Brigitte aus der grünen Mitte ;)

  3. Wonderful wildflower photos and of you and your dogs. Mostly I am so jealous of the Giant Yucca Skipper!! Haven't seen one yet. Wish we had gone to Catalina State Park instead of Box Canyon last week.