Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve in Saguaro National Park West

We live on the Bajada of the Tucson Mountains, that means where their slopes are flattening out and the soil consists more of sand than of rocks. We love to take afternoon rides in my little truck following the dirt roads  through close-by Saguaro National Park West. (These roads will be closed to vehicle traffic next year - I guess it's time to get some horses.)

Very attractive little rock houses at the Ez-Kim-In-Zim Picnic Area probably date back to Roosevelt's work creating programs of the nineteen thirties. This one, on a hill top by itself, would be a great place to sit and paint...

Great views in all directions, and we had nice company, too, when a Canyon Towhee hopped into the window, chirping  and looking for pick-nick scraps?

A pair of Gila Woodpeckers plaid hide and seek in a bare Ocotillo, some  Phainopepla whistled softly from a mistletoe clump - not much activity today.

Later, two Mule Deer does with their nearly grown fawns carefully crossed a wash. Hunting is not permitted in the park. I wonder why they were so shy.

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  1. What a lovely Christmas Eve vision, Margarethe. Thank you for sharing it. Merry christmas and Happy New Year to you and your desert family!
    Warmest regards from California,
    Barbara and John Robeson