Monday, March 25, 2019

Backyard Bird list 2019

April 16  A Green-talied Towhee across the street at Frank's and I also saw one at Tohono Chull

April 15: a European Starling on the phone line where ProRodeo crosses Magee. That was the closest to our place they have come (that I know of) 

March 25
I am watching a pair of Black tailed Gnatcatchers through my studio window right now. The Kestrel pair is still hanging out on our Eucalyptus tree or a power pole every morning and evening as if they have no breeding to do (they do copulate often enough though) White-winged Doves are back, White throated Sparrows are singing constantly, and the Gila Woodpecker pair that frequents our humming bird feeder seems to be taking residence in the huge saguaro right at our patio. He was hammering away for a long time in there this morning. I know they would be noisy neighbors this close to our breakfast table. We'll see!
During luch I heard the harsh call of an Oriole - arrived just in time for the first blooming Aloe Vera candles. It took off in a flash of yellow, too fast to tell if it was a Bullocks that may soon move on to higher elevations or a Hooded that may stay to nest here.

March 19
There were suddenly singing male Pyrrholoxia in front and back yard and the state land and I saw 1 female. The burst of activity lasted for a couple of days, then slowed down. Were they just migrating through? They used to be around, and territorial, for most of the season in other years. I hope they are hanging around again.

Beginning of March
we see male and female Northern Cardinal at the hanging feeder and in the bushes of the dog run. They used to breed here - Ingrid took a photo of a nesting female in 2005. But for year we had only singles males that quickly moved on.

In our backyard, in order of observation, Jan 1 till early March 2019:

Gila Woodpecker, Costa's and Anna's Hummer, Housefinch, Verdin, Curvedbill Trasher, Mourning Dove, Eurasian Collared Dove, Ladderback Woodpecker, Gamble's Quail, Redtail Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Common Raven and Harris Hawk. Gilded Flicker, Black tailed Gnatcatcher, Cooper's Hawk and Phainopepla, Black throated Sparrow, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, N Mockingbird, Kestrel, Black Vulture, Road Runner, Pyrrhuloxia, White-crowned Sparrow. Abert's Towhee, singing. Great-horned Owl. Lesser Goldfinches, Cactus Wren, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Northern Cardinal, Ashthroated Flycatcher, Prairie Falcon. Pyrrhuloxia 3 territorial males finally on March 19.
Whit-winged Dove, Oriole 3/25.

Seen in other locations

Sweet water (Jan 2019) Pied -billed Grebe, black crowned Night Heron, Mallard, Am Wigeon, N. Shoveler, Cinnamon Teal, Blue-winged Teal, Ruddy Duck, Wood Duck, Am Coot, Sora, Blacl Phoebe, Vermillion FK,

Christopher Columbus Pond (Jan 2019) Great Blue Heron, Great Egret

FountainHills (Feb. 2019) Eared Grebe, Double-crested Cormorant, Killdeer, E. Starling, Great Grackle

Santa Cruz River: (March 2019): Northern Harrier, Swallow, Red-shouldered Blackbird

Sabino Canyon (Feb 2019): W. Bluebird, Cedar Waxwing

Kitt Peak March 21, still some snow in shady corners: Mexican Jays, Bridled Titmice 

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